Pets are an integral part of our lives and homes and so they should feel equally welcome in the house. The little furballs are loved by their owners.  So if you are a dog or cat person already or want to adopt any of these furry friends any time soon, there are some interior design changes that can turn out to be a blessing for your home. Here are some home interior design ideas to make your home pet-friendly.

Use fur-free upholstery

Having a dog or a cat or both can cause some serious fur problem. You should avoid using all fabrics and materials that act as magnets to pet furs like velvet, silk, chenille, mohair, velour or corduroy.  Instead, invest in quality textiles like leather and smooth tapestries that can withstand frequent claw attacks. It is also a great home interior design idea to choose fabrics matching with your pets’ furs.

Keep Pet-friendly furniture

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Pets find furniture to be their best past time teething toys. And those dents and scratches can give a bad look to your furnishings. So you may choose to go for metal and chrome furniture which will be comparatively resistant to serious damage by their teeth or claws.

Stain resistant flooring 

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Pets tend to spend a large amount of time on floors- eating, scratching and often times peeing and pooping too. Hardwood floors can develop tough stains that won’t wash away easily, causing permanent damage. To make homes pet-friendly, laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles can make a huge difference as cleaning the floor stains would get a whole lot easier.

Create separate space for pet’s accessories 

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You can either choose to have a separate space in your home for your pet or have a corner of your kitchen or mudroom dedicated to stash away your pet essentials. Having low cabinets can go a long way in stocking their food, wipes, toys and grooming supplies. Besides easy access, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Offer window with a view

Pets spend a lot of time staring out of the window. So you should avoid blinds and lightweight fabric on the windows. But if you choose to have them, make sure they are pulled up or kept beyond their reach to avoid wear & tear.

Keep home accessories off paws

Having pets around can lead to a lot of trouble & mess. Make sure all the fragile & delicate decorative items are kept at a height away from your pet’s reach. Keep candles, paintings, lightweight vase, lamps and glass items or breakables on the floor or where their tails, heads, and paws can’t get to them. Also, keep their food & water bowls in plain sight for them to avoid going on a wild hunting spree.

Be careful while buying rugs & carpets

Another important task is to choose your outdoor fabrics and rugs such that they can be easily cleaned off mud, stains. Also matching the rug with your four-legged’s fur will save you from the pain of cleaning them frequently. A careful selection from velvet, leather, and denim can mean all the difference.

Install sliding gates wherever possible

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Not just babies, sometimes these pooches and kittens can also cause a lot of trouble by their intrusion in wrong areas of your home. Keep them away from risky, accident-prone areas by having pocket half-door installed wherever appropriate. These doors come with metal rails that slide on the floor without leaving any scratches.

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