We all know that jobs are boring but the office spaces don’t necessarily have to be. Modern office interior designs can make the workplace lively and interesting. Additionally, if you choose designs that resonate with the employees, it can have subtle positive effects on their motivations to work. We have compiled some of the finest office interior designs by popular corporate interior designers in India.

GE Digital Office, Bengaluru

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Careful architecture planning mixed with a focussed approach always produces good results. Designing an unconventional structure can go a long way in making a great impression. Choosing a mix of geometrical shapes around the workspace serves to add an appealing dimension to office interior designs. The GE Digital office in Bangalore, designed by RC Architecture, perfectly sums up everything mentioned above.

Harley Davidson Corporate Office, Gurgoan

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The designers should choose the right kind of lighting, keeping in mind the texture of flooring, wall, and furnishings. Below is the image of Harley Davidson Corporate office, Gurgoan, designed by Morphogenesis. The rustic ceiling and unique lightings not only make the ambiance look extravagant but also matches up with the overall theme of the brand. Everything here looks minimalist yet so attractive.

Unilab Pharma, Mumbai

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The textured wall with inspirational quotations or images of world leaders is no longer uncommon for an office setting. Even having a TV mounted on the wall can make the space come alive. The brainstorming areas and the in-house lounges are the best and safest places to incorporate unique ideas as a part of office interiors. This waiting lounge of the Unilab Pharma, Mumbai is clearly an inspiration for many designers. The same is designed by SAV Architecture + Design.

Microsoft Office, Mumbai

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An office reception or lounge area is a key part of any commercial space. This is where first impressions are formed. The entrance to the office space should ideally be a large, inviting area. It should be brightly lit and radiate a positive vibe that puts people’s minds at ease. The Microsoft office, Mumbai, designed by DSP Design Associates, chooses this innovative ceiling design idea to give an outstanding effect to space.

Facebook Mumbai Office

Now having boring monochromatic, ergonomic furnishings and chairs are out of fad. They have to be stylish, comfortable and complementing to match the typography of the space overall. Modular furnishings, colourful poufs are also gaining increasing popularity especially among the startups and co-working spaces. The Facebook Mumbai office is everything cool, colourful, and comfortable.

Baya Park Office, Mumbai

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There can be nothing better if you have an office with large windows or a nest-like structure influenced by the birds. Natural things like these have been found to have a positive effect on the health and productivity of the employees. However, if natural space is not possible, having a nest-like structure help reduce the strain on the visions, especially during long screen-times. This beautiful office space (Baya Park) in Mumbai is designed by planet 3 Studios.


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