With just a few days past in the new year 2024, it’s hard to decide the trend that’s fast approaching. After spending the last few years in the tumultuous cycle of uncertainty, one thing is clear, this year will showcase the best of all the years that had passed. The interior design trends of 2024 will surprise you with the goodness of the 70s and 80s and change the interior game forever.

Be it a hallway, pantry, utility room, or laundry room, every corner of the home will ooze style and elegance that too in an unconventional way. Here are some trends that are going to be part of the year 2024.

Shift from high gloss to textured everything

Pic credit- AMU Design Studio

The slick high-gloss finish interior is not everone’s cup of tea really! Pooja, a Delhi-based designer, said, “All my clients today asked for either brushed or hand-applied finish like lime wash or hand-tooled plaster like sueded texture.” People are looking for action when it comes to the surfaces of their homes. The textured wall when introduced with the right kind of light, looks wonderful.

Brown is going to be the next statement colour

This year bold colours like blue, black and grey will take a backseat and earthy colours like brown, silky chocolate, and beige will rule the mood boards. According to many designers, the Brown color evokes feelings of warmth and richness. “We are going to see more and more brown in the homes followed by light brown and shades of yellow,” said an independent designer, based in Noida.

Terra-cotta tiles takeover especially in coastal areas

Nearly a quarter of designers agree that terra-cotta has earned a top spot in designing summer homes in coastal areas. One can use different colours like green, cobalt blue, sea blue, and so many more interesting hues. Terra-cotta is often used in bathrooms but lately, a few creative minds have used it on floors, walls and in Hamams to give a Moroccan feel to the homes.

Boucle fabric is staying in 2024 for a reason

The boucle fabric made its way into the design world last year, but its bubbly texture and luxurious finish are going to take it forward even in 2024. Designers love using this gorgeous fabric in their design craft. “Boucle excludes a certain richness. It is one fabric that I can use in my entire apartment and yet not get tired of,” said Rohit of AMU Design Studio. In the coming year, we might see new versions of the fabric in different hues other than off-white and skimpy cream.

Art will take a front seat this year

The artisanal pieces be it décor items tiles, furniture, wallpaper, or rugs will witness a surge in the coming year. Garima another designer based in Noida explained, “Almost all my clients prefer handmade artistic stuff. They believe that anything that is made with hand has a great value as it is made with consideration and care.” The natural variations in items make the details come up beautifully and that is why the artisanal pieces will take a front seat in the coming days.

Traditional home décor is coming back and how

Pic credit- AMU Design Studio

Post Covid one thing that has changed completely is the amount of time people are spending indoors. Everybody is looking for great interiors and what’s better than a traditionally designed home with nostalgia dripping from every corner of the house? The vintage designs resonate strongly with the modern generation thanks to their earthy colour schemes and intriguing details.

The year 2024 is going to be significant in many ways. It will be inspired by both new age modern twist and decades past vintage styles.