Colors are a great way of adding style to your place. They not only bring brightness to your home but also make everything look beautiful. Although choosing a right shade for a home is a bit tricky but a good choice of color and a few brush strokes here and there can help you get a perfect home. Interior designers these days are bringing in the trend of using extraordinary color patterns to create surprising home spaces that embrace beauty.

If you are looking for some unusual color combinations for your home, take a look at these amazing color composition to recreate your own daring space.

Mint Green and Pink

Looking for a nice and comfy wall color option for your home, try Mint Green and Pink color palette for a fabulous transformation. This unique color infusion can be done using paints, wallpapers, curtains or just the furniture. The pink color sofa in the image below is beautifully placed before an accent wall with mint color tropical wallpaper. The two different colors make a perfect combo here.

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Navy Blue and brown

Both Navy Blue and Brown come under dark color spectrum but they work really well together in creating a modern living space. The brown wooden flooring used in the image brightens the style quotient of the living room. Also, the partition between two rooms is created using wooden panels, which again looks perfect along with navy blue accent wall.

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Gold and peacock blue

Rich peacock blue color and warm gold is another classic color combination that can spice up any dull space. You can do a beautiful makeover using these two colors. Splash the wall with peacock blue paint as shown in the picture below and add some gold tones on the sofa or bed headboard (for bedroom makeover) to get the best result. You can also put gold color wall lamps or hanging lamps or an artifact on the wall for a better transformation.

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Burnt Orange and Cream

Design your living room with burnt orange and cream color palettes. This remarkable color combination creates a comfortable and inviting space. The two colors make every ambiance look spacious and intense. The curtains used in the image here is a perfect combination of burnt orange and off-white. The white color sofa with orange cushions add to the brightness of this beautiful living room.

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Light Yellow and Baby Blue

Light yellow is a warm color and unlike other colors, this looks particularly beautiful with a light color palette. If you already have a wall painted in light yellow color, you can use the baby blue color at selected areas like doors, sofas, accent chair, curtains or bed sheet. This warm and pretty color combination works best for kid spaces.

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Charcoal Black and Multicolor Hues

The charcoal black color can be used with a combination of emerald, red, green, pink, blue and yellow colors. Give a stunning effect to your living room by using these colors in a smart way. Just as shown in the picture, use black as the base color and add other vibrant colors in the right balance to add style to the place.

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Bridal Pink and Dark Pink

The color combination is perfect for a girl’s space. A cream color sofa can be used in the backdrop to highlight this juicy shade. One needs to be really smart to try this bold color combination because surplus use of either of shades can ruin the appearance of the room. Try to use an off-white or cream color seating in the room to minimize the effect of pink tones. You can also use black and white frames and mirrors (as shown in the image) on the wall to balance the color effect.

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Dusky Green and Red

Dusky green and red color look dynamic together. Many designers put together this exciting combination to create a bold yet beautiful space. Red is a powerful color and it must be used as an accent color on artifacts, wallpaper, cushions, curtains, rug, or on any standalone piece of furniture. The image below is a perfect combination of red and dusky green.

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Lavender and Yellow

A little bit of lavender in the living room can give a different look to your home. Lavender and Yellow are two very different colors but they definitely look beautiful together. The Yellow color here is in minimal use as compared to the lavender color. There are different shades of lavender used in the picture, making the room look prettier with every enhancement.

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Bridal Pink and Electric Blue

The pink color is light and unsaturated and serves as an accent color in any room. On the contrary electric blue is dark and saturated; it is often used as the highlighter to reflect light colors such as pink. The electric blue looks fabulous with bridal pink. You can mix pretty much the two colors to give a stunning effect to the interiors of your home.

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Colors play a very important role in the beautification of your space. It is time to think beyond the light and risk-free colors and choose unusual color combinations to give a makeover to your beautiful home.

(Please note that every home is different and so these color combinations might not work same for you. Don’t hesitate to contact an Interior Designer if you are planning to modify your space.)


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