We are all aware of the danger world is facing right now in the form of deadly ‘Corona Virus.’ So much so that the government has shut the entire country to stop the spread and is making necessary changes to fight against the pandemic. While everything has come to a halt, you have actually got time to make some changes in your house for a healthier living. After all, it’s the home where we spend a lot of our time. By making these slight changes, you can create a healthy environment in your home and make your family feel safe.

Take a look at these home interior solutions for a healthy and comfortable living.

Cover walls with Anti-microbial paint

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The vibrant color choices and a wide variety of paints make it one of the most promising substances in home interior design. The anti-microbial paints can provide your home with long-lasting protection against microbes. It minimizes staining, bad odours and slows down the degradation process. This amazing substance is not only attractive to look but is also environment-friendly. Its cost-effective feature makes it one of the best choices for customers looking for effective protection against bacteria, mould, fungi, and many more.

Add more and more plants inside home 

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Consider adding plants in your home, or make a small garden in your balcony, or around your property. Plants not only add liveliness around the home but also absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. You can home-grow your own Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Curry Tree, Spider plant, Lavender, Rosemerry, English Evy, Peace Lily, and many more. Some of these plants act as air-purifiers that cleanse the air inside your home and are beneficial for your health. Invest in a good pair of planters for a pretty presentation.        

Go minimalistic for a clean comfortable home

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The idea of a healthy and comfortable home is possible if we go minimalistic. By ditching unwanted decorating items and furniture in your house, you can create a clean and happy space. If you are planning to buy new furniture, start looking for options that are modern, light, easy-to-move, and washable. By keeping fewer items in your house, you can actually felicitate comfortable living with cleaner rooms and accessible dirt-free corners.

Breathe in clean air with an air purifier

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Air pollution is a serious concern all across the globe. It has impacted our health significantly, and so, investing in an air purifier has become a need. Look for a good-quality air purifier that can filter out even minute particles to clean up the surrounding air. This simple addition to your home can protect you from lung and heart-related issues linked to polluted air. Invest in a state-of-the-art air purifier to make your living area look interesting.

Choose block out curtains for better sleep

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It’s true that air and light are important to bring in some positivity and freshness in your home. But, do you know that light significantly interferes with sleep and triggers many serious illnesses if not taken care of on time. For better sleep, you must ensure there is complete darkness in a room, especially if you work in shifts and sleep during the day time. Buy a pair of block out curtains for your bedroom or install block out blinds to improve your sleep pattern.

By making these changes in your home, you can protect the health of your loved ones in the long run.

The Corona Virus outbreak is a sad reality in today’s world. It has affected thousands of lives and will continue for a while. Hopefully, the time passes soon and it puts minimal impact on the lives around. Till then, stay at home and take care of yourself and your family.