With the end of the year approaching and the holiday season breaking in, you are sure to have guests in your house. Now, being around with family and friends will be fun. But what if there were ways you can take them by surprise and make these holidays a time to remember. We believe that this can be a perfect opportunity to revisit some dining room design ideas. With guests coming over, there will be feasts and celebrations. So remodeling or re-designing your dining room or the living room can be a great idea, before the guests arrive. Here are some dining room design ideas that will blow your mind away (and for good reason!).

Going by the theme

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Are you a fan of Star Wars or maybe The Hunger Games? Even if you are not, everyone loves a great theme. And why not, when you could add a futuristic dimension to your home?! The grey and white colour scheme throughout the design reinforces the notion of a space shuttle. With the right neon or LED lighting, this futuristic design can make your dining room the most attractive corner of your home.

Shape-shifting dining table

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Speaking of futuristic interior design ideas, the dining table ball can add an extra-terrestrial touch to your kitchen & living room designs. Also, this can help you save ample space as it can be dismantled, in which case it appears a giant grey tech toy. The different parts fit neatly together and one can install a central lighting fixture to give a different feel to your dining space.

Classic woodwork

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If you are a lover of traditional woodwork, you might want to go for a table that fits with the décor of your rooms whether it’s traditional, rustic or modern. In this case, the chief feature of your dining room design will be the wood & design of the table. You can create a simple dining table using a wood plant painted in your favorite polish.

Swing by my table

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It’s not just woodwork; there are other ways of making heads turn (or for that matter, making the whole bodies move). Bringing out the child in us, having snacks and beverages in these swing seats can be a lot of fun. However, these might not be great ideas for more serious meals.

The grass is greener on the table top

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Speaking of having fun at the table, the picnic table is one great example of Al Fresco dining. As there’s real grass growing on the table top, so you can enjoy a home picnic with your guests in the coziness of your living room. However, be warned that the grass requires special care to prevent breeding of insects and germs on the grass. One can use a piece of artificial grass also if the real one seems difficult to maintain.

Perks of being a wallpaper

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Adding a wallpaper is one of the smartest ways to revamp the look of the dining or living room interior design. If you go for dark wallpaper, you will have to make sure that the remaining walls and the ceiling have contrasting colors so that the colours don’t overwhelm the room. What’s more is that the wallpapers can be changed to suit the need of the hour (or season).

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