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6 Out of the Box Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

6 Out of the Box Kitchen Interior Design Ideas


What’s cooking? The kitchen is considered to be the heart of any home. Not to mention, it is also the most used space in the house. They say kitchen interior design ideas tend to change fairly quickly. So have a look at some of the interior design ideas that we have compiled. They can really come in handy if you are looking to renovate your kitchen or even doing your kitchen for a new home.

Classic contemporary

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Classic contemporary comes as a brilliant option when you want to have a mix of utilitarian functionality & contemporary style in the same space. There are many ways that you can incorporate this style into your home. The chalkboard wall, wire shelves or bistro chairs add to the essence. Whether you go for white tiles or gray, both can work a charm. Match the look of the kitchen with the right flooring & accessories – a white rug, a wall clock and some wooden kitchen essentials for open display.

Modern family

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While there can be numerous options when you have decided upon modern kitchen interior design ideas. Bare woodwork, an integrated fridge and plumbed coffee machine gives a perfect modern touch to space. Glass is used as a back-splash behind the cooktop and the shelf is made of stainless steel, thus offering open storage and display for dishes. There are lights embedded into the shelf and on the ceiling. The Corian countertops add elegance to the overall design. Throwing in a few green plants also contribute to the freshness against the modern backdrop.

Keeping it minimal

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When interior designers of kitchen ask you to go for minimal design, many might feel let down. Minimalist interior designs come off as sleek and simple to some but in simplicity, lies elegance. These kitchen spaces often have white or gray marble-topped islands and some neutral color palettes, with not many fixtures or decorative in the area. The cabinets and the modular kitchen designs are kept plain and complement the marble work & furniture in the area.

English country

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The English country kitchens are cozy in design and they often come with a lot of woodwork. Besides having a bare wooden island top, the fixtures and the cabinet are also done in wood. There are open-plan kitchen and dining areas with dedicated areas for prep, washing sink, casual dining bench and plenty of space for storage of utensils & kitchen essentials. Fresh bouquets and growing plantation pots can add to the sweet charm of the space.

Sky High Ceiling

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While high vault ceilings are often reserved for living rooms or great rooms, this architectural marvel can also bring a welcome change in the kitchen. The white monochrome color is lit up with contrasting hanging lights and dark wooden flooring. The designer steel sink fixtures and bar chairs further add elegance to the beauty. Suited in both Modern and English kitchen designs, these soaring ceilings will your house guests stunned for good.

Scandinavian beauty

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The Scandinavian kitchen interior designs are a mix of raw materials including concrete, blonde plywood and exposed brick which add depth and texture. The use of cool monochrome color scheme against the natural wood tones enhances the appeal of the space. The metal lighting hangs above a sleek line of the worktop. The paintings or artwork on the wall acts as a focal point without overwhelming the space and the geometric tray and glass bottles are an addition to the mid-century appeal.

  • Aziz Hasan

    Reply June 13, 2019 11:21 pm

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Praveen Kumar

    Reply November 29, 2019 2:41 pm

    Awesome kitchen interior design ideas. English country and modern family are my favourites for this lot. Thanks for sharing this.

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