For any couple, babies are a blessing. And while parenting can be challenging on its own, we do believe designing the nursery interior for your little one can be an interesting job. We know that for many of you, undertaking home decor from scratch may seem daunting or overwhelming or both. But we hope that we can help simplify this process for you.

So let us take some baby steps and start with the basics…

  1. Remember less is more
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One needs to remember that it’s a baby’s room and babies wouldn’t need a lot of things. Just get the essentials in the room- a crib, a table, and maybe a recliner for yourself. Avoid cluttering the room too much as you would increase your risk of tripping over. Keep some functional storage unit as well wherein you can tuck away the stuff which is not needed for the moment. Also, make sure everything you need is around you and within your reach.

  1. Create well-ventilated space
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The nurseries must be well-ventilated and regulated for moisture to keep the microbial growth under check. Install an air purifier or humidifier if necessary. Also, choosing an antibacterial, non-toxic paint with low or no volatile organic compounds can go a long way. Creating a window panel in the room can solve the problem once and for all like nothing better than the fresh breeze of air for your child. Also, the room should have a space for everything from baby walkers to clothes to accessories.

  1. Choose colors wisely
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This generally begins with choosing the right color for the walls and the shades for the windows. Babies would want to take a nap at any hours of the day. Keeping this in mind, the wall paints should be bright so that the babies can be given the illusion of night at any given time. For the windows choose dark, thick curtains or use blinds so that they can block light coming into the room while the baby is napping. And when the babies have a peaceful nap, you would realize how relaxing it can be for you.

  1. Avoid Gender Stereotypes
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Pink for the girls and blue for the boys- we all tend to begin making the distinction too early on. Babies are just babies and we must treat them equally. Try and keep the room as much gender neutral as possible. Avoid painting the wall in all pink or all blue shades. Avoid any toys, accessories or even artwork that is a loud gender stereotype. You can put common toys over the shelf and put some good paintings on the wall and decorate the space with accessories gifted for the baby by their loved ones.

  1. Give it some space
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Another important aspect of nursery ideas is having a lot of walkable space in the room. Most of the time, you would be carrying the baby back and forth; sometimes even in the middle of the night. Any misplaced object or chair could lead to an accident. Also, use a good rug or carpet, so you can leave your child on the floor when it’s time for them to crawl. Here again, using convertibles or folding furniture could make the job simple for you.

  1. Choose an adaptable theme and layout
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There’s no fault with picking up a theme for the nursery. But babies grow up pretty quickly; the theme might look irrelevant after a year or two. So your home décor ideas must be adaptable to the changing times and needs of the baby. Even the room layout might need some revisions every few months. Get rid of any furniture or accessory that might be of no use to make way for new ones.

  1. Think long-term
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As much as we love them when they are little, babies won’t be babies forever. Your infants would become toddlers before you know it. This would call for some remodeling of the room. Try and minimize your efforts into the renovation. For instance, you may use adaptable cribs that grow as per the babies needs to avoid re-furnishing every time. Likewise, when the time comes washable wallpapers and folding furniture can be real blessings in disguise.

All things said, raising your baby would be as rewarding as it would be challenging. Just like your baby would need your personal care, love and warmth every single day, your home décor and interiors designs deserve your affectionate attention with time.


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