When it comes to home interior design, there are several thoughts that run in the mind, for example contemporary, English, classic or rustic.  But nothing beats the charm of keeping it modern and contemporary because it caters to the needs & desires while adhering to the current trends and interior designs concepts. So we felt like sharing with you, these 9 bright ideas to design the contemporary home of your dream.

Let there be light

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We probably gave it away when we used the word bright. And yes, we all love light- be it natural or artificial lighting. And no matter how old or new space is, contemporary lighting fixtures could mean real difference. Table lamps and floor lighting make space cosy while chandeliers and pendant lamps add to the grandeur. Preferably choose sculptural and artistic ones as they will serve to add an exquisite touch of contemporary style to your home.

Colours of the rainbow

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Whether you mean to make a bold statement with black in your study room or want to go for a minimalist pastel to keep the living room serene or try the royal and luxurious UltraViolet, which was named 2018 Colour of the Year by Pantone. Even the vibrant turquoise makes space come alive. Mix and match it with complementing carpets, rugs and modern accessories and viola- you have yourself a contemporary living space.

The lines and spaces between us

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Probably the most distinctive attribute of contemporary interior design is the presence of lines- vertical, horizontal or curved. What we mean is the architectural detail in the high ceilings, bare windows as well as solid shapes in the sculpture and art. The placement and alignment of furniture are also such that they create spaces of geometrical shapes.

Geometrical shape of you

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Speaking of geometrical shapes, contemporary style home interior designs also make crafty use of geometrical shapes most commonly in the form of lamps, lights & chandeliers as well as in wall paint, paintings, wall hangings, and accessories. Besides, even symbolic shaped furniture and walls can also add to the charm.

Furniture for the family

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A contemporary style interior decor is marked by its simplicity, sophistication and subtle design, Furniture is in fact, a key contributor to having a modern and contemporary décor. When furnishing your living room, bedroom or study, choose light coloured maple or birch wood. You can also have a mix of furniture- some made in wood and some in metal like nickel or steel; just avoid making the space a clutter.

Being minimalist

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While some argue that minimalist is cold and impersonal, choosing a minimalist contemporary home décor requires an eye for detail. Minimalist design doesn’t imply having too much empty spaces but cautious prevention from clutter. This is why contemporary interior designs are often perceived as a quiet, clean and comfortable retreat. Going for multifunctional and space-saving furnishings is also a great idea.

Mix it up with multifarious elements

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Speaking more intuitively of minimalism, the contemporary interior design is usually signified by its muted colour palette. So to jazz and spice it up, you can add texture by using a wide variety of materials, like pottery, cloth, timber, glass, canvas or a piece of modern art. This design of marrying the form and function is vividly an attribute of modern and contemporary home décor.

Carved and etched in stones

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While exposed brick architecture may feel too English in design, exposed stone pillars make an excellent choice for contemporary interior design. Using contemporary tiles, flooring & ceramics can also mean the difference.

Pieces of Glass

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The glass has been traditionally used in windows & doors for ages. But in contemporary style interior design, glass can do more than that. With its inherent attribute to reflect, refract and diffuse lights, glass also comes in various types- frosted, etched, plain, embossed, lacquered and sandblasted to name a few. Glass can also be used as a theme and the furniture, accessories, shelves, and stairs can be done in glass.