Our client: Puja & Navdeep Ahluwalia

Home size: 3 BHK spanning, 2070 Sqft

Location: Prateek Edifice, Noida

Budget: Up to 20 Lakh

Design team: Interior designer Rohit Chaudhary with project manager Kapil Kamboj and Mayuri Gupta

The moment Puja and Navdeep found their dream home at Prateek Edifice, Noida, they started looking for an interior designer, who can identify their taste and create a space that reflects their personality. That’s when they met Rohit Chaudhary, Interior Designer Amusing Interior, who promised to dress up their home in beautiful neutrals & plush furniture.

Puja insisted that her home reflect vibrant personalities much like each member of her family and be filled with subtle colors and modern designs. The family loves to travel and so they wanted to make sure each room in this abode reminds them of their favourite travels. Our designer used his intelligence to design a home that is pure, calm, beautiful, and most importantly comfortable. Let’s pop into this gorgeous abode…

A living room with a warm vibe and comfortable seating

The first thing that you will notice when you enter this living room is the calm and beautiful painting of a girl lying peacefully on the floor, followed by luxurious metal furniture that makes the room even more elegant. Our client Puja wanted to keep the living room simple and cozy with minimal use of artifacts and wall colors.

We used metal furniture to bring lavishness in this part of the home and added sheer curtains to let sunshine enter the room. With a rustic pink sofa, two black high-back chairs and a black and white checkered cabinet, this space looks graceful. Not to forget the beautiful chandelier just above the center table to keep the surroundings look as interesting & stylish as possible.

Puja was very particular about designing the living room balcony, she added, “I don’t want to leave any part of my home undone.” And so, we installed the most striking piece of bar cabinet in the main balcony along with a beautiful outdoor canopy seating with drapes all over it. The floor is covered with artificial grass to add a natural feel to this area.

Hanging hoop chair takes the center stage in the master bedroom


The room features a comfy hanging hoop chair, a blue colour quilted bed, and a metallic accent wall. Our client Puja loves all things classy and so, Rohit gives the room a touch of luxury by using a lot of metal and glass instead of laminates. The large round dressing mirror is another point of attraction in this minimalist master bedroom.


Our client wanted to make every part of this home look stylish and so, we designed even the shaft area adjacent to the washrooms, just the way she wanted.

A subtle, stylish and intriguing prayer room   

The most beautiful part of this house has to be this pretty prayer room which is designed to make our client feel at peace while absorbed in chanting. We used the seafoam color sofa to add freshness to the room and added white sheer curtains to let sunlight break-in.

The Moroccan style breakfront opposite the couch is the memorial of Lord Buddha. Puja wanted to have a separate space for this memorial. And so, we carved a center space for the cabinet and created a bookshelf around it to keep all her books in one place.

Kids-room with Spiderman themed wallpaper on the roof    

Puja and Navdeep’s son Vihaan is an ardent fan of Spiderman. He wanted something that gives an instant feel of his favorite superhero the moment someone enters his room. Our team installed Spiderman theme wallpaper on the ceiling to give an interesting look to the room. Despite the different color patterns and furniture designs, everything has merged into a charming whole in this room.


The room has a double bed with a combined study table and a comfy couch to give the toddler comfortable seating. We wanted to turn this room into a happy space to make Vihaan feel relaxed and playful at the same time.

This dining space is all about grey, silver, and black 



The main idea of designing the dining space was to give a comfortable ambiance to the clients and their guests. We have used grey, silver and black tones to create a classic vibe in the room and added a customized dining table to make the area look warmer and elegant. Puja wanted to have a large wall filled with her favorite pictures of family and friends and that’s why we transformed the partition next to the dining into a memory wall.


And, just like that this home was dressed up in three months! “I truly loved the house and enjoyed designing each room. Working with Puja along with my team has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I hope the family builds amazing memories in their new home!” – Rohit Chaudhary, Interior Designer, Amusing Interiors.

Click here to see what Puja has to say about her gorgeous abode!

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