Home is a reflection of one’s personality. It is the only place where one can be on their own, relaxed and carefree! Every home is unique in its own way, but by adding a few inspiring thoughts you can turn your house into a peaceful abode that invites tranquility. Take a look at 10 beautiful corners every home should have to invite positivity and peace.

Nature Window

Image via Panoramic.com

We all know that natural surroundings automatically brings positivity. It’s always good to have a spot at home from where the trees and plants are clearly visible. You can place a large window at a comfortable corner in the house which opens into a lovely view and make it an ideal spot for reading and writing.

Wall of Love

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Love to have your family around? Create a wall in the house dedicated to your loved ones. This special corner can be a reminder of time spent with your family. Create this spot by painting a wall of one of your rooms and hang your favorite picture with family and friends. Just the sight of this wall will take you on a trip down the memory lane.

Tea Time Corner

Image by mydecotips.com

Every house should have an ideal spot for a tea break. One can create the same by choosing the most peaceful corner in the house and decorating the same with a pretty teapot and favorite cups to remind one of teatime. Invite your friends on high tea to make the best use of this special corner.

Feel Close to God

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God is everywhere! But, by dedicating a special spot to your deity you can bring the positivity right at your home. Decorate a corner in your house with artistic paintings and idols of god and feel connected to almighty. Next time you feel stressed, this divine part of your home will give you instant hope and energy.

Mini Movie Theater

For a movie lover, nothing is more entertaining than having a mini theater room at home. One can create it in their bedroom itself or arrange for a different room with special fittings. All that needs to be done is buying a good home theater system and making arrangements for comfortable seating.

Little Hideaway

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A home with cozy cribs and swings is ideal for people who love to have a hideaway at home for taking short naps.  One can place a large and comfy crib, or swing or a resting chair on terrace, or porch or near a window to enjoy their private time.