The trend forecasters and designers across the world come up with something new and interesting every year. If you are planning to design your new home this new year, follow the seven Interior design trends that will dominate the world of Interior designing in 2018. Here’s the list of our favorite trends.

Marble and Brass

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Introduced in 2016, this trend was much loved in 2017 and is continue to dominate the designer’s list even in 2018. This stylish combination looks good in bathrooms and kitchen. Copper, brass and rose gold can be combined with white marble to give an aesthetic look.

Dark Green Is New white   

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Believe us, dark green is new white this season. People are moving away from using soft colors like white, camel, pink and embracing rich colors such as green, brown, and black. So, if you are craving for more bold shades for your home, dark green is every designer’s favorite.

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Velvet is Back

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Velvet is most luxurious and classic fabric of all time. Designers prefer the minimal use of this fabric and mostly use them on chairs and pillows to give a great view to the room. One can combine velvet with rough natural textures to add coziness in the bedroom or living room.

Matte Finished Kitchen

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Matte home accessories are especially designed for modern theme interior. It is greatly used in the kitchen area which has cabinets and closets. Matte finished furniture and closets usually look good in dark shades such as black, blue, maroon, grey, and green. It gives your home an unexpected gaze.

Style with Subway Tiles

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This amazing choice of tile will remain a simple yet classic addition to any room, kitchen, bathroom or pool in 2018 as well. It not only looks good in all sorts of styles and colors but is also affordable. People who have huge farmhouse kitchen, lounge area with a pool or a big bathroom can use subway tiles to give their home a classic look.

Unique artwork for home

Let this year be the year of transformation from ordinary to classic. Articles that are unique and are made with high level of skill can be a little expensive but the same look beautiful in your home.

Set up smart furniture

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Set up smart home furniture and appliances for a smart home experience in 2018. Furniture with inbuilt charging docks and automated light control system help people use their devices in comfort of their homes. Smart furniture, fold-up rooms, and tucked-away appliances save your time and space and also make surrounding look stylish.