India is home to the most diverse population in the world. And this diversity in culture, traditions, language, and lifestyle also reflects in the home décor and architectural design. India is also home to some of the indigenous home décor ideas. For you, we have listed out some of them below:

  1. Sussanne Khan’s Apartment at YOOPune

Celebrity interior designer, Sussanne Khan, who recently bought an apartment at YOOPune, has recreated a vintage library of art and collectibles. To add a sense of warmth, she made use of woodsy wallpaper in the living room against contrasting wall paint. She suggests a blend of new & old, dense and natural to suit the persona of those living inside the house. She also does not hold back in using national and international art & figurines to give the space some context and character.

  1. Nimbalkar Residence in Pune
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Surrounded by tall buildings and housing complexes, the most striking feature of this cozy home in the city of Pune is the incorporation of terraces and gazebos. It was done to break the monotony of the concrete jungle façade. An almost minimalist design and furnishings; the double height white ceiling in the living room comes alive by the bright lights.

  1. The Mango House in Alibaug

Designed for a Mumbai based family, the exposed red-brick is the center of attention for this home. With naturally grown mango trees all around, the house beautifully uses its natural setting- a palette of natural and tactile materials including brick, stone, and wood to complement its lush green setting. Away from the city in the coastal town in Alibaug, the house has a well-shaded spot overlooking the garden and the swimming pool.

  1. Brick Curtain House of Surat

Another beautiful specimen of undulating brick façade is a Surat-based residential home. A blend of intelligent architecture and indigenous home décor, the double-height living room forms the main space of Brick Curtain House. Owing to its position; it was exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. To avert the risk of overheating and to keep the space cool the designers came up with the protruding brick façade. Autumnal-toned furniture adorns the spaces to complement the exposed brickwork.

  1. Pavillion Like Home in the Western Ghats

Situated in the heart of Western Ghats, the volcanic stone walls & sculptural skylights are the iconic features of this holiday home designed by Khosla Associates. The pavilion-like building overlooks a picturesque mountain lake in the Western Ghats. Besides a spectacular natural view, the building is a collage of stone and wood materials with artistic finishes.

  1. Modern Marvel in Gujarat

A beautiful example of a modern home is this Gujarat based residential home. To add a futuristic dimension to a modern home, diverse geometric forms and shapes, as well as different materials such as glass, acrylic, steel, and Corian were put to use. With an overall palette of white, each room is highlighted by a single colour. The seating and furniture are also kept to a minimum and the white lighting fixtures are mostly hidden behind the walls or ceiling panels to add an even wash of indirect lighting.

  1. Made in Haven, Mumbai

This 2 bedroom apartment in Mumbai has a distinctive demarcation of functional zones as achieved by furniture placement, rather than partitioning it with sliders or walls. The house has a demeanor of a penthouse with a white tone and restrained use of materials. The furniture in the space serves minimalist yet multi-functional purposes. At some places, a few architectural elements are put to an intelligent use for seating.